Tue 9th of April – ECBA Webinar Series

We invite you to the second talk of the webinar series Global Goals, Local Impact: Sustainably Ever After.

When: Tuesday, April 9th 2024, 6 – 7:30 PM (CET)

Title: “Assessing the effects of land management on biodiversity and ecosystem services: a social-ecological approach”

Who: María Felipe Lucia, Senior Researcher (Ramón y Cajal fellow) at the CSIC-Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología, Jaca, Spain


This 90 minute online format [English] will allow all arising questions to be answered.

In this talk, María will walk us through the complex interactions between the social and the ecological spheres that conform the vision of our environment from the perspective of sustainability sciences – the social-ecological systems approach-, and the main challenges associated to their management. By first introducing the topic of sustainability, María will delve into the understanding of what is land management, why it is important and how can be measured. We will then unveil the multiple facets of its assessment, and how it has direct and practical implications on biodiversity and the benefits we obtain from nature (known as ecosystem services and nature contributions to people). Through this talk, we will learn which management practices can be more beneficial or detrimental to nature and how to overcome potential trade-offs. We will also disentangle the role of people in shaping the sustainability of our surrounding environment and conclude with some key learning outcomes.